Apoio a Cliente, em que posso ajudar?

segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2007

Estas conversas podiam muito bem ocorrer em Portugal com os nossos afamados serviços de apoio a Clientes...

"I was thinking of installing Linux, but I was wondering if you knew if the modem works under Linux."
Tech Support: "Oh, I'm sorry, we only support Windows."
Me: "I know. I was just wondering if you knew if it was possible."
Tech Support: "But we only support Windows."
Me: "I know, but just to save me some time, have you heard of anyone that got Linux to work with the modem?"
Tech Support: (getting annoyed) "Why can't you just use Netscape?"
Me: "Uh, wha? It's not a browser, it's a--never mind. Thanks for your help."

While looking into DSL, I came across a number for a large service provider and called to get details. When the tech support person got up to the speed of the connection, she said:

Tech Support: "1.54mbit up/down."
Me: (after some calculations) "Hmmm. That's about 173KB/sec, right?"
Tech Support: (pause; sound of typing) "No, that's 1.54MB/sec."
Me: "No, that's the speed in bits per second. I wondered what it was in bytes per second."
Tech Support: (pause) "No, it's 1.54MB/sec."
Me: "No, 8 bits equals 1 byte--"
Tech Support: "No, bits and bytes are the same thing!"
Me: "Um, that's not true. That's why a 56K modem is a 56kbit modem that usually gets 5 KB/sec transfer rates."
Tech Support: "Well that's because people take out the dot when they say it. It's actually 5.6kbit or 5.6kbyte. The .6kbyte is just lost in the connection."

Mais umas quantas histórias em http://www.rinkworks.com/stupid/cs_stuptech.shtml.

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